The "LifeSIM" Medical Simulation Center

logo LifeSIM_mai 2015


Identity: LifeSIM is the first private medical simulation center in Romania. The Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology, audiovisual equipment and provides spaces for multiple medical specialties. It is prepared to host a broad variety of activities such as courses, educational seminars, workshops, training exercises and multimedia production.

Addressability: The Medical Simulation Center LifeSIM adresses to healthcare professionals from all specialities regardless of ability level and can host training courses and workshops.

Usability: At the medical simulation center, health care professionals and students can:
– develop clinical abilities and repeat multiple procedures on a variety of medical simulators;
– resolve a series of clinical cases in a safe and controlled environment;
– develop communication skills and leadership in multidisciplinary team skills;
– learn to create workshops and courses oriented towards developing competences, achieving competencies and performance;
– get accustomed to clinical equipment and hospital infrastructure;
– be trained to become technical personnel specialized in medical simulation.