Partners in European projects

In order to support the medical education system and contribute to the development of healthcare we join as partners in European projects focused on education and professional growth areas.

Starting from 2015 the CEDRU „For LIFE” organization has been hosting summer intern-ships for the medical practice of students. The projects were co-funded by the European Union and were part of the POSDRU branch (Sectoral Operational Program for the Development of Human Resources).

Fonduri europene

This year we continue our involvement in the European project branch of POCU (Human Capital Operation Program) and we are committed to identifying the educational needs of the medical specialists, nurses, technicians and students in order to contribute in the most efficient way to the development of the Romanian medical system.

Due to the experience gained so far and with the help of our partners we are able to provide a variety of services in order to successfully realize such projects:

  • curriculum development for the medical simulation activities;
  • implementation of the simulation courses;
  • organizing the courses;
  • statistical analysis of the results.