Simulation Spaces

Our Medical Simulation Center, is located in Bucharest (1200 sqm) and offers the equipment, space and training expertise to reproduce with high-fidelity multiple training environments:

Emergency Room (ER);
Operating Room (OR;
Delivery room and neonatology ward;
Intensive Care Unit (ICU);
Immobilized Patient Care Room;
Angiography Laboratory;
Advanced clinical skills room:
– Ultrasound Examination Room;
– Bronchoscopy Room;
– Endoscopy Room;
– Otoscopy Room;
– Ophthalmoscopy Room;
Sterilization Room;
Nursing Skills Room;
Basic Clinical Skills Lab;
Basic Surgical Skills Lab.

Additionally, our center offers all the educational spaces needed to provide a complete, full-scale medical simulation training:

Debriefing Room;
Control Rooms;
Lecture Rooms.