28.05.2017 - Basic Laparoscopic Skills - English Edition

Basic Laparoscopic Skills – English

Project Manager: Majed Achtar

No. of participants: 10

Addressability: Medical Students 3rd to 6th year from the ENGLISH MODULES

This laparoscopy workshop familiarizes medical students in the basic principles of laparoscopic surgery, which includes different techniques, indications and contraindications. The training will consist of instructions to use the instruments and the camera, how to make an incorporeal knot and an extra corporeal knot, games that familiarize the hands of the participants with the instruments and the camera, this is followed by suturing on biologic material.
The training will be held with the help of specialist doctors in the field.

Registration period: 27.02-21.05

Fee payment period: 22.05-24.05

After the registration period ends, the people that are selected to participate at the workshops will receive an e-mail with information about the schedule, payment method and all the information you may require.

We reserve the right to change the date of the workshop out of technical or internal reasons. You will be informed if anything changes.

Thank you!