BIMSW 2019 - Radiology Week

Project manager: Gabriel Velțan

To whom is BIMSW Radiology Week adressed: Medical students who have finished the 3rd year(basic knowledge of anatomy,pathophysiology and morphopathology required)
Event description: You can't deny the impact of modern technology on medicine in the last decades. Paraclinic investigations tend to be increasingly important and so does imaging. This summer, Life Sim Medical Simulation Center hosts the first edition of BIMSW Radiology week. If you ever wanted to become more familiar with various imaging techiques such as radiography, CT, MRI and ultrasound, this event could be your chance. Our lecturers and hitech simulators will create scenarios in order to make your interpretation skills more accurate and even to do the procedures yourself during the Interventional Radiology Workshop.

Radiography techinques and interpretation
Abdominal Ultrasound and CT
Soft tissues( thyroid included) Ultrasound and MRI
Fast Ultrasound and Emergency CT/MRI
Interventional Radiology

Registration period: 18.03-20.05

Price: 190 Euros