BIMSW 2019 - Ob-Gyn Week

Dear colleagues,
LifeSIM Medical Simulation Center team is eager to announce the second edition of the Bucharest International Medical Simulation Weeks, Obstetrics and Gynecology edition starting on 19 August 2018!

We hope to provide you with a great opportunity of understanding and practicing the management of a pregnant patient along with a wide range of obstetrical maneuvers through access to high-end medical simulation technology. From the basics of the clinical exam all the way to emergency, life-threatening scenarios, you will get accustomed to it all by practicing:
-the Leopold maneuvers
-basic skills in fetal ultrasound
-the birth mechanism and the different presentations of the fetus
-the pelvic exam and Pap test
-every step of an uncomplicated vaginal birth and also the most frequent mother-newborn complications
-the teamwork approach of a wide range of obstetrical scenarios, on an advanced birth simulator

Addressability: General medicine students from the IInd year to the VIth year.

Price: 185 euros

Among with all the medical training, we hope that you will build long-lasting friendships because we planned for you an intense social programme, as well.

See you soon!