BIMSW 2019 - Laparoscopy Week

Project Managers: Marius Cristian Zaharia, Adrian Pirvu

To whom is BIMSW Laparoscopy Week addressed: Medical students of any year

Laparoscopic surgery has become an integral part of a surgeon’s activity. Procedures like diagnostic laparoscopy, biopsy, as well as other interventions within the abdominal or pelvic
cavities are now demanded by patients and preferred by surgeons. BIMSW-Laparoscopy Week is designed to give the participants an in-depth and step-by-step understanding of minimally invasive surgery with extensive hands-on experience of laparoscopic knot tying and suturing. Throughout this four-day comprehensive course, our team will ensure that participants are armed with basic laparoscopic skills, such as hand-eye coordination and depth perception prior to entering the operating room. You will also get a chance to meet people who share your passion for surgery, all of this while enjoying an amazing European capital over your summer holiday.

Registration period: 18.03-20.05

Price: 120 Euro