BIMSW 2019 - Intensive Care Week

Project Managers: Oros Maria, Iulia Alexandra Andrei

To whom is BIMSW Intensive Care Week addressed: Medical students who have finished the 3rd year (years 4-6)

What makes a better anesthesiologist other than a good arsenal of knowledge and practical abilities? Do you aspire to gain basic skills such as ventilation and cannula insertion, or measurements of the vital signs, all the way to advanced techniques such as a central venous line placement and lumbar puncture? Is mastering the resuscitation protocol one of your goals?
ForLife team is tackling the challenges medical students face when being introduced to this complex field of medicine by organizing the first edition of BIMSW Intensive Care. LifeSim Medical Simulation Center in Bucharest is one of the best in Eastern Europe, with high end simulators to provide plenty of hands-on practice for you and your peers from other parts of the world, and you are also sure to love our team of volunteers!

– Basic Life Support;
– Advanced Life Support;
– Hands-on: orotracheal intubation, spinal anaesthesia, intraosseous cannulation, arterial puncture, Central venous catheter;
– Basics in Mechanical Ventilation;
– Team scenarios.

Price: 200 Euros

Registration period: 18.03-20.05