BIMSW 2019 - Gastroenterology Week

Description: Gastroenterology is one of the most practical and important branches of medicine, that includes a set of practical techniques and maneuvers that are necessary to build a solid base of practical knowledge. In this simulation week you will have the chance to learn basic principles such as the insertion of a nasogastric tube, how to recognise the vital signs on the monitor, but also important notions of abdominal imagistics such as abdominal echography, CT and MRI. Through the Endosim simulator you will be able to execute different techniques such as endoscopy and ERCP which are sure to help you develop your clinical sense from early on. Most importantly, you shall learn how to approach and manage a gastroenterology patient through different clinical scenarios and simulation of different pathological cases. We will always assist you through this scientific experience and you will get the chance to socialize with the other participants from other parts of the world, during the leisure activities we are to organize for you to enjoy what summertime in Romania has to offer!

Addressability: Medical students which have finished the 3rd year (basic knowledge of physiology and anatomy required)

Project managers: Elena Dobrica, Maria Iancu

Registration period: 18.03-20.05

Price: 175 euros