BIMSW 2019 - Cardiology Week

To whom is BIMSW Cardiology Week addressed: Medical students who have finished the 3rd year (basic knowledge of physiology, physiopathology and anatomy required)

Are you a cardiology enthusiast whose heart races for practical knowledge? Do you aim to become highly skilled in EKG interpretation and cardiac auscultation? If the answer is yes, BIMSW-Cardiology Week 3rd edition is the event you should be attending this summer. From becoming more skilled in using the stethoscope to applying a stent during a coronary angioplasty simulation, you will learn it all during this experience which our always enthusiastic team is striving to make a memorable one.

– Basic Clinical Techniques and Basic Life Support
– Cardiac auscultation and the Electrocardiogram
– Echocardiography and Interventional cardiology
– Clinical Scenarios and Coronary CT

Project Managers: Laura Slincu, Ioana Iancu

Registration period: 18.03-20.05

Price: 170 euros