12.05.2018 - Clinical Cardiology

Clinical Cardiology

Project Manager: Majed Achtar

No. of participants: 16

Price: 170 Lei

Addressability: Medical Students 3rd to 6th year from the ENGLISH MODULES

This workshop is addressed for medical students in their clinical years, offering a solid base of practical knowledge in the domain of cardiology, which they will be able to use during their clinical rotation at the hospital to better understand the different cases which they meet everyday.
The following objective will be approached:
○ Cardiac auscultation, using a high performance simulator that can generate both cardiac sounds and murmurs.
○ The clinical electrocardiogram – the ECG algorithm, bundle branch blocks, atrioventricular blocks, acute myocardial infarction, atrial fibrillation, flutter, hypertrophies, general aspects about arrhythmia.
At the end of every station, the students will be able to exercise practically what they have been taught on the simulator under the guidance of a lecturer.

Registration period: 29.04-06.05

Fee payment period: 07.05-09.05

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We reserve the right to change the date of the workshop out of technical or internal reasons. You will be informed if anything changes.

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