01.07.2017 - Abdominal echography

Abdominal echography

Coordinator: Majed Achtar

Number of participants: 16

Target audience: English module medical students 3rd-6th year

This workshop aims to instruct students to recognise the structure of the abdominal organs such as the liver, spleen, kidney and their related structures. Also to diagnose different abdominal pathologies using a standard ultrasound machine under the instruction of a specialist.

Sign up deadline: 30/05/2017 – 25/06/2017

Fee payment deadline: 26/06/2017 – 28/06/2017

After the registration period ends, the people that are selected to participate at the workshops will receive an e-mail with information about the schedule, payment method and all the information you may require.

We reserve the right to change the date of the workshop out of technical or internal reasons. You will be informed if anything changes.

Thank you!

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