Courses for students

We believe that medical students represent the future of the Romanian medical system. As such we want to provide them with education taught at the highest level. We offer a wide variety of dedicated or personalized workshops.

Skills Training: courses for developing and perfecting core individual abilities through training basic, intermediate and advanced techniques for clinical and surgical specialities.

Team Skills Training: courses for developing and perfecting abilities within a team, learning how to manage or operate within a multidisciplinary team. (ex: BLS, ALS courses)

studenti chenar



Advanced Cardiology Heart Ultrasound Advanced Life Support After School Laboratory Basic ATI Course Basic Clinical Skills I
Basic Clinical Skills II Basic Dermatology Skills Basic Life Support Basic Nephrology Skills Basic Semiology Skills
Bed Side Manners Clinical Anatomy Workshop Clinical Biochemistry Fast Assessment Sonography in Trauma Gastroenterology Module
Laparoscopy Skills Neonate Care Obstetrics and Gynecology Ophthalmology Course ORL
Orthopedics Module Scientific Research Laboratory Urology Course


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