Courses for physicians

Therapeutic and diagnostic guidelines for frequent and rare pathologies are in a continuous change. We offer a variety of workshops in order to maintain a high level of clinical performance and a proper team management.

Skills Training: courses for developing and perfecting core individual skills through basic, intermediate and advanced training for clinical and surgical specialities.

Team Skills Training: courses for developing and perfecting skills within a team (ex: BLS, ALS courses)

Crisis Resource Management (CRM) Training: immersive medical simulation training with complex clinical scenarios, facilitated by a simulation instructor and followed by debriefing.

System Check: „in site” simulation, that aims to optimize teamwork efficiency in the actual work environment or during patient transport; „in site” simulation can have a proactive effect, to observe and correct potential errors in the design of medical facility/unit.

Train-the-trainer: courses designed to train instructors on how to teach clinical and surgical skills using medical simulation and also training them in CRM concepts.

Human factor performance training: communication skills training centred on Crisis Resource Management aspects.

Product Training: teaching the applicability of clinical equipment and pharmaceutical products with the help of simulation scenarios.

Product Testing: testing medical equipment and medical services with the help of simulation scenarios.


Areas of interest:

Anesthesia and Intensive Care Cardiology Cardiac surgery General surgery Laparoscopic surgery
Plastic surgery Gastroenterology Family medicine Internal medicine Emergency medicine
Vascular surgery Obstetrics and Gynecology Ophthalmology Oncology ENT
Neonatology Pediatrics Pneumology Radiology Urology


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