Cardiac Auscultation

Dear colleagues,


On the 21st of January, LifeSIM Center of Medical Simulation organises a new Cardiac Auscultation workshop.


We aim not only to get you familiarised with the principles of heart auscultation and identifing the most frequent cardiac pathologies, but also to diagnose rare particular cases, that require prompt intervention. All of this under the guidance of our medical doctors, ready to teach you everything you need to know! 😃


👩🏻‍⚕️👨🏼‍⚕️ Adresability: Years III – VI


📍Location: Centrul de Simulare Medicală LifeSIM, Strada Odobești, nr.1, Sector 3, București.


‼️ You can register until 15.01.2023, 10 PM, by filling the form below.


– PRICE: 170 RON


The confirmation of participation at the workshop will occur after the end of the registration period.


For more informations, you can contact the coordinator of the workshop:


Mihai Petcu 


We are gladly waiting for you!

LifeSIM Team